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Connecting Australia

We support the wireless ISP’s of Australia, providing connectivity to metro, regional, rural and remote parts of Australia.

WISPAU Objectives

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

WISPAU Supports local Wireless ISP’s

WISPAU provides support to the industry via four main objectives –

  • To provide broad-based representation of the Australian Wireless ISP industry

  • To enable the direction, measuring & reporting of industry strategies for consumer, government & industry

  • Broaden public understanding & enhance public confidence in the Wireless ISP Industry.

  • To provide a forum for WISPAU members on technical and regulatory issues

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

WISPAU Members are dedicated to delivering reliable, fast internet connectivity

WISPAU Members are spread all across Australia providing reliable connectivity and supporting local communities and regions. When customers connect with a WISPAU member, they can be assured that they are connecting with an ISP backed by the organisation that directly supports the Australian Wireless Internet industry.

connectivity driven

Dedicated to delivering better connectivity solutions to local areas

stronger together

WISP Owners and Vendors supporting the goal of delivering connectivity solutions to metro, regional and remote areas

10 years of history

WISPAU has supported the growth and wireless industry for over 10 years

vendor supported

Support from vendors dedicated to improving delivery of wireless internet

WISPAU – Australian Organisation Dedicated to the Wireless Internet IndustryWISPAU – Australian Organisation Dedicated to the Wireless Internet Industry

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Benefits of WISPAU

By joining the WISPAU community you join a group of professional wireless ISP’s and vendors with a common goal aligned with growing and supporting the WISP industry.

Online Webinars

Online webinars and meetings with other WISP operators to share and collaborate information on driving forward better businesses practices and wireless connectivity

Vendor supported

Support from vendors dedicated to delivering solutions to the WISP industry with direct communication and feedback from  vendor representatives to guide WISP decisions

government input

WISPAU provides feedback directly to Government on issues that affect WISPAU members and then can make informed decisions on policy with regards to the WISP industry

shared goals

The WISPAU group of members and vendors have shared goals for the wireless industry as outlined in the organisations objectives.  Together WISPAU drives the realisation of these goals for the benefits of all our members

Community Forum

WISPAU community forum allows members to share information and collaborate on technical issues, ACMA discussions, and government policy, allowing members to be updated and informed

industry experience

Glean from members shared insights and solutions to technical and business challenges faced in the WISP industry. With technical experts and business know how, WISPAU members can benefit from the experience of members

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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

latest news & insights

The latest news from WISPAU and other sources related to the industry of wireless Internet Service Providers of Australia

upcoming events

Upcoming events for members